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Committed to the safety and health of every single employee

Safety and health

Safe and well

People are our business, and we’ve no doubt about our first priority: doing everything we can to keep our employees safe and well with us. There’s no easy answer, but by leading with safety and investing in health and wellbeing, we’re getting ever closer to our goal of zero harm.

Doing everything to keep you safe

Mining will always carry risk, but we’re working towards a future where that never means serious injury or loss of life.

We know what the biggest risks are and we’re putting improved rules, standards and new technologies in place to ensure effective management and control.

However, we still need to do more. Last year, despite a steep reduction in fatal incidents, 6 people lost their lives while working with us. This shouldn't have happened, and we’ve been implementing our ‘learning from incidents’ and operational risk management programmes to prevent harm.

But, we are making real progress. In 2014, we reduced the frequency of lost-time injuries by 30%. And a number of our operations continue to show we can achieve and sustain our goal of zero harm.

Building healthy lives

We need our people to be healthy, happy, engaged and fulfilled in work and in life. It makes us safer, more productive and a stronger force for good in the communities where we operate.

We tackle the threats to health and wellbeing wherever we find them, with separate programmes for checking the health of our people, for creating a healthier working environment and for encouraging healthy lifestyles.

There’s still more we can do to protect our people – from disease, and from noise and inhalation hazards, but by focusing on delivery we’re making measurable progress.

Leading the fight to beat HIV/AIDS and TB

Dr Brian Brink: Journey to Zero

More than 33 million people now live with HIV/AIDS and fighting the disease is an international priority.

New treatments give sufferers every chance of a normal life, and we’ve seized the opportunity with the world’s largest private sector testing and treatment programme.

We’re also tackling TB, which has become epidemic in South Africa. TB and HIV often go hand-in-hand, so we try to test and treat for both diseases as early as possible. In 2013, we tested and counselled approximately 93,000 employees and contractors in southern Africa. In total, 75% of all employees in the region participated in testing, which ensures that we achieve early diagnosis of HIV infection and timely access to care.

Occupational Health

Zero Harm. It’s an idea that’s at the foundation of our approach to occupational health. We believe that none of our people should be injured or contract illness while at work. But what are we doing to reach that goal?

All of our efforts to help combat occupational health risks are guided by three principles: 

  • We believe that all occupational illnesses are preventable.
  • We learn by assessing and monitoring exposure and surveillance of occupational disease incidence in order to prevent further harm.
  • We apply common, simple and non-negotiable standards throughout Anglo American.

And these principles are supported by a framework of measures and processes.

For example, common dangers to health such as noise, inhalable hazards, musculoskeletal disorders and fatigue have all been assigned mandatory technical standards at our sites. These standards include requirements for risk assessments, education and training, application of controls, and monitoring and review.

At our sites, the focus is on reduction of exposure to health hazards at the source through good engineering practice and rigorous maintenance of controls. Our standards go beyond legal compliance but compliance with the law will always be the minimum standard.

To support all these efforts, dangers to health are clearly and openly communicated at our sites with all stakeholders.

Taking care of our people is at the core of what we do. With the right level of rigour and effort, the goal of Zero Harm for occupational health is an achievable one.

Real Mining. Real People. Real Difference.