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Becoming partners in the future



How we deliver on our promises

We’re committed to being partners for the future, operating safely, sustainably and responsibly. To fulfil that commitment, we focus on delivery and make no compromise in measuring and reporting our performance.

Measuring our performance

The targets we set ourselves focus on the different ways we create value:

We do no harm to our workforce
Work-related fatal injuries Target: Zero harm
6 2015 180
6 2014 20
Total recordable case frequency rate Target: 10% year-on-year reduction
0.93 2015 180
0.81 2014 2
Lost time injury frequency rate Target: 10% year-on-year reduction
0.47 2015 180
0.35 2014 1
New cases of occupational disease Target: Year-on-year reduction of new cases
163 2015 180
175 2014 250
Number of employees participating in voluntary counselling and testing Target: More than 80% of employees in southern Africa tested
68 2015 200
86 2014 200
Number of employees enrolled in HIV disease-management programmes Target: More than 75% of HIV-positive employees
88 2015 200
78 2014 90
OHSAS 18001 certification Target: 100% of managed operations to be certified within two years of acquisition/commissioning
97 2015 200
98 2014 120
We minimise harm to the environment
Total water consumed Million m3
Target: 14% against projected use in 2020
221.7 2015 200
195 2014 350
ISO 14001 certification (%) Target: 100% of operations within two years of acquisition/commissioning
100 2015 200
98 2014 200
Environment incidents (Levels 3-5) Target: Improve reporting of incidents
6 2015 200
14 2014 40
We share the benefits of mining with local communities and governments
Businesses supported by enterprise
development initiatives
Total since 2008
62394 2015 200
58257 2014 150000
Jobs supported by enterprise development initiatives Total since 2008
110780 2015 200
96873 2014 150000
Localised procurement ($bn) 13.5% of total supplier expenditure to be procured from localised suppliers
1.53 2015 200
1.71 2014 3
Black economic empowerment procurement (ZAR billion)  
30.4 2015 200
3.6 2014 50
We have an engaged, productive workforce
Voluntary labour turnover
1.9 2015 150
2.0 2014 3
Gender diversity Managers who are female %
25 2015 150
24 2014 30
Gender diversity Women as percentage of total workforce %
18 2015 150
16 2014 20

Offering a responsible choice for investors

We’ve chosen to be included in independent investment indices that benchmark and track the most socially responsible companies.


The FTSE plays an active role in sustainable investment and has included us in the FTSE4Good Index since 2011.

Carbon Disclosure Project

The Carbon Disclosure Project provides a way for companies to share information about their greenhouse gas emissions and climate change strategies. We’ve supported the project since it began. In 2013 we achieved an ‘A’ carbon performance rating.

Dow Jones Sustainability Indexes

We’ve been part of the Dow Jones Sustainability Indexes since 2003 – the original sustainability index.

Johannesburg Stock Exchange Socially Responsible Investment Index

The Johannesburg Stock Exchange Socially Responsible Investment Index reflects South Africa’s increased focus on sustainable investment. We’ve been part of the index since it began in 2004, achieving best performance several times.

International Council on Mining and Metals

Anglo American is a founding signatory of the International Council on Mining and Metals (ICMM), which was established in 2001 to act as a catalyst for performance improvement in the mining and metals industry.

We believe that our policies, processes and systems are fully aligned to the ICMM’s ten principles for sustainable development and Position Statements. A full account of our approach to integrating these principles and policies into our business is available here for download.

UN Global Compact

Since 2004 we’ve been part of the UN Global Compact on human rights, environmental stewardship, labour rights and anti-corruption.

Our strategy and all our operations follow the Compact’s ten principles. For us the Compact is also a way to work with other stakeholders towards a future of safe, responsible and sustainable mining. You can read our Communition of Progress on the Global Compact website.

“Our commitment to the Global Compact is consistent with our long-standing view that when conducted responsibly, mining delivers significant economic and social value.”

Sir John Parker, our Chairman

Real Mining. Real People. Real Difference.