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Supplier awards

Rewarding supplier excellence

Anglo American’s Supplier Awards are given to suppliers who have made an outstanding contribution or achievement in the areas of Safety, Innovation, Sustainability and Partnership.

Through our Supplier Awards, we have been able to communicate, engage and share with suppliers what it takes to meet our ambition to become the investment, the partner and the employer of choice.

Recipients of these Awards have demonstrated an ability to live our guiding values of Safety, Care and Respect, Integrity, Accountability, Collaboration and Innovation, and integrate them into their own business processes. To know our external partners have the same dedication and belief in achieving our common goals is of vital importance to us and these Awards recognise their efforts in providing best practice throughout their services.


Safety Supplier Award 2011

Recognising outstanding achievements in improving Anglo American’s safety regulations, safety record and safety culture.


Innovation Supplier Award 2011

Recognising outstanding achievements based on groundbreaking innovation that has delivered measurable value for Anglo American and its stakeholders.


Sustainability Supplier Award 2011

Recognising outstanding achievements that support Anglo American’s commitment to sustainable development – ensuring our use of natural capital today is responsible and does not compromise the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.


Partnership Supplier Award 2011

Recognising outstanding achievements that have come from bringing together people within and outside of Anglo American to drive business results through new processes, systems and practices that the whole business can benefit from.

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