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We are transforming our global procurement and supply chain operations to become the industry leader and global benchmark for creating value in the supply chain.

An employee at Sishen mine takes part in a training sessionAn employee at Sishen mine takes part in a training session

This initiative began in February 2008 and our strategy is to develop more integrated ways of working to streamline our processes and help us further develop our relationships with our suppliers.

By 2011, we aim to create US$1 billion of additional value through:

  • Managing our spend on materials and services more effectively
  • Working more closely with cross-functional teams
  • Implementing best-practice policies
  • Creating processes that can be consistently applied across the company
  • Developing the skills and talents of our employees

Responsible and sustainable procurement

Our aim is to balance delivering value and operational excellence with procuring from suppliers that share our commitment to ethics and sustainable development, including social responsibility, ethical conduct and environmental stewardship. We also believe local procurement and black economic empowerment are essential in creating private-sector growth and jobs in the regions where we operate.

Our ‘Good Citizenship’ Business Principles outline the expectations we have of ourselves as well as our suppliers. Supporting our Business Principles are the Business Integrity Policy and Prevention of Corruption Performance Standards. These documents set out how employees, business partners and suppliers should act in corruption-risk situations, and ensure integrity forms the foundation of how we operate and conduct our business affairs. We also have a procedure specifically for Supply Chain employees and suppliers that provides guidance on giving and receiving gifts, entertainment and donations.

Supply Chain Sustainable Development (SCSD) is a core aspect of the way our Supply Chain operates and supports our ambition of being ‘Partner of Choice’. The aim of SCSD is to buy from suppliers that are committed to the sound principles and practices outlined in our SCSD policy and code.


It is important to us to develop mutually beneficial, sustainable relationships with our suppliers. We promote collaborative approaches to the various supply chain activities across our business, and seek to continually develop innovative ways of doing business. Every year, we spend about US$10 billion with suppliers globally; therefore it is essential that we establish and maintain reciprocal, commercial and ethical relationships with them. We procure a broad range of capital equipment, goods and services and we embrace free and fair competition.


Our goal is to attract, develop and advance the most capable procurement and supply chain professionals. As part of our vision to become the ‘Employer of Choice’, we will support you in developing your career by offering exciting and fulfilling opportunities in procurement with a focus on high performance.
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