Sustainable development

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Anglo American’s supply chain seeks to balance value delivery and operational excellence by procuring from suppliers who share our commitment to ethics and sustainable development. In addition, we view local procurement as being of the utmost importance in terms of local private-sector growth.

Business partners Trevor Carolin and Veli Thwala of Urethane Moulded ProductsBusiness partners Trevor Carolin and Veli Thwala of Urethane Moulded Products

Sustainable development is becoming a key part of the way we do business within our supply chain. Our approach is founded on continuous improvement and consistent, simple standards, and we aim to develop mutually beneficial relationships with suppliers.

Our commitment to encouraging our suppliers to act in a safe, sustainable and responsible manner is given effect through our policy on sustainable development in the Anglo American supply chain and our Supplier Sustainable Development Code.

Available in all our main operational and supplier languages, the code provides detailed guidance on our expectations of suppliers in relation to safety, health, labour rights, business ethics, environmental management, human rights and community relations. These documents are available to download in the Policies, standards and commitments section.

Our vision is for our suppliers to embrace the same standards we expect of ourselves. The policy and code are based on our Business Principles and require that suppliers:

  • work in safe and healthy ways
  • demonstrate good labour practices
  • engage in high standards of environmental management
  • be ethical
  • address key challenges such as HIV/AIDS and poverty
  • align themselves with relevant Anglo American policies and procedures