Sustainable development

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Social investment

The great majority of our operations are in developing countries where we have a special responsibility to contribute to the wellbeing and prosperity of host communities.

Pupils learning as part of Thermal Coal's supplementary school pilot project in South AfricaPupils learning as part of Thermal Coal's supplementary school pilot project in South Africa

Every year we spend a percentage of our pre-tax profit on social investment projects and spend time working with communities. The goal is to help alleviate poverty, promote health and education and foster community development. In 2011, our corporate social investment (CSI) spend in local communities totalled $128.6 million up from $111 million in 2010 and $82.5 million in 2009.

Maximising efficiencies and impact

Depending on the situation, support can take the form of cash donations, gifts in kind and dedicated staff time. Maximising this social investment through a variety of vehicles optimises efficiencies and impact.

Every Anglo American operation supports social investments in host communities. We use our award winning Socio-Economic Assessment Toolbox (SEAT) to determine local needs and priorities.

There are a number of dedicated foundations that support social projects. The Anglo American Group Foundation is supported by a series of national foundations; the largest and best-established is Anglo American's Chairman's Fund in South Africa. In recent years, foundations have also been established in Brazil, Chile and Namibia.

The Anglo American Group Foundation

The Anglo American Group Foundation, for example, is a global endeavour which distributes grants to countries where we have a presence. Its purpose is to develop sustainable livelihoods through the projects it supports. Established in the UK in 2006 by Anglo American plc, it helps a wide range of great causes. Among these is an educational scholarship programme and support for charities that include:

  • CARE International
  • SightSavers International
  • Engineers without Borders
  • Children of the Andes
  • Bees for Development
  • Starfish (the HIV and AIDS charity)
  • Plan International
  • Micro Loan Foundation
  • Centrepoint & St Martins in the Field (UK charities for the homeless)

Anglo American's Chairman's Fund

As the oldest professionally managed corporate social investment programme in South Africa, our Chairman's Fund dates back to the 1950s. Over the years, has developed a reputation for being one of the most inclusive funders in the country and a development partner of choice.

These range from small grassroots initiatives to major capital building projects and large-scale service delivery programmes in partnership with provincial and national authorities. Focus areas include HIV/AIDS, healthcare and welfare as well as education and entrepreneurial development.


Education is the largest of these sectors. Just under half of its social spend goes to projects and programmes that support the development of maths and science, teacher upgrading, literacy, higher education and infrastructural development.

An example is the Rural Schools Programme in the Limpopo Province, which is also a unique public-private partnership between the Chairman's Fund and the Limpopo Department of Education. This carefully constructed, three-year partnership has already injected $4 million (split equally between the two organisations) into 16 previously overcrowded rural schools. The funding provides comprehensive maths and science facilities, including computer centres, libraries, science laboratories and essential administration amenities.


When it comes to HIV/AIDS, the fund takes a holistic approach; addressing the multiple impacts of the pandemic. It assists organisations providing home-based care to terminally ill patients with AIDS, builds additional public health facilities and sponsors youth awareness programmes. Most recently, the Fund has committed around $4 million over three years to HIV/AIDS projects through the Anglo American Community HIV and AIDS Partnership Programme. This is in addition to internal Anglo American HIV/AIDS and voluntary counselling and testing (VCT) employee programmes.

Other sectors

Initiatives in the welfare sector include assisting organisations and projects that provide care for the elderly, the disabled, and children, with the overall aim to improve their quality of life by strengthening institutions and systems. Similarly, initiatives in the entrepreneurial development, arts and culture, environment and policy sectors look to supporting organisations that can offer training programmes, create awareness, conduct research, lobby for social reform or create a platform for development to the betterment of society.

Corporate social investment spend by region Corporate social investment spend by cause supported
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