Sustainable development

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For Anglo American, society is an inclusive concept. It embraces our workforce, the communities in which they live, the citizens of host countries and the implications of what we do for the wider population for generations to come.

Representatives from Anglo American and the NGO, CARE Brazil, meet with a local communityRepresentatives from Anglo American and the NGO, CARE Brazil, meet with a local community close to the Barro Alto mine to discuss a rural development programme

The communities where we operate are crucial to us; they provide and house our employees, and are often a valuable part of our supply chain. At the same time, we are often vital to their growing prosperity. Mutual dependence makes it only natural that we want to make positive and enduring contributions to our hosts. Being a good neighbour is good business.

But what does being a good neighbour mean when you're an organisation the size of Anglo American?

For us, it involves using our skills and resources at local, national and international levels to support the sustainable development outcomes and capacities of host communities.

At the local level, that can involve initiatives like helping nearby businesses to develop through training, social investment and capacity building. Sometimes, these neighbours become our suppliers as well.


Global leaders

Nationally and internationally, we're among the leaders in our industry to improve host countries' local economies. For example, supply chain opportunities and development schemes help to maximise the local benefits of our operations. But our efforts also go beyond that. By identifying and working with key stakeholders, we're creating new, more accountable ways to improve the lives of local people – now and for years to come.

To do all of this more effectively, Anglo American has developed a unique process, the Socio-Economic Assessment Toolbox (SEAT).