Sustainable development

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Skills development

Workers at Union Mine receive safety trainingWorkers at Union Mine in South Africa receive safety training

A workforce with the right skills, experience and training is one of the industry's most basic needs. We invest a great deal of resources developing the skills of our employees.

During 2011, we invested $79 million (2.2% of total employee costs) in direct training activities, and supported more than 3,122 bursars, apprentices, graduates and other trainees.

More than 1,693 employees, contractors and community members in South Africa have enrolled in adult basic education and training (ABET) programmes, which are offered by Anglo American business units to help those individuals acquire basic literacy and numeracy skills. A further 3,712 employees were provided with transferable skills training, which involves developing employees' non-mining skills so that they are employable outside of the industry after mine closure.

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