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Opening up new channels of communication

Opening up new channels of communication
Opening up new channels of communication SEAT community engagement session in Brazil

Using Anglo American's socio-economic assessment toolbox (SEAT) has opened up new channels of communication with stakeholder communities in the Brazilian state of Goias.

There, where two Anglo American businesses mine and produce ferroniobium and fertilizers, some 2,500 people count on the company for their livelihoods as either employees or contractors.

To get a better idea of their perceptions and concerns, our operations held 300 interviews, meetings and focus groups.

For example, there was a concern that plans for a new facility would jeopardise existing jobs. This was a problem that was easy to resolve through improved communications, since the new plant would be built to complement facilities already in operation.

Other issues, focusing on education, health and employment for spouses, have triggered work on investment plans and partnerships with local government and another mining company working in the region.

Meanwhile, according to Anglo Brazil's Sustainable Development Manager, 'simply running the consultation exercise improved our reputation among local people'.