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Coal is the most abundant source of fossil fuel energy in the world, considerably exceeding known reserves of oil and gas.

First coal feed to CHPP at Dawson mineFirst coal feed to CHPP at Dawson mine, Australia

Global metallurgical coal supply of around 1 billion tonnes per year. China is its bigger consumer, with total consumption of approximately 730Mt in 2012(1).

In 2012, the international seaborne metallurgical coal market comprised some 250 million tonnes.

Produced in a relatively limited number of countries, metallurgical coal is primarily used in the steelmaking industry and includes hard coking, semi-soft coking and pulverised coal injection (PCI) coal.

The chemical composition of the coal is fundamental to the steel producers’ raw material mix and product quality, and it is a key raw material for 70% of the world’s steel industry. We are a significant supplier to virtually all the major steel producing groups in the world.

(1) CRU Metallurgical Coal Market Report 2013.

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