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Mining and Technology

Mining and Technology is an in-house resource, providing multidisiciplinary, world-class technical skills as well as research and technology development capabilities.

Close up of a magnetic gradiometerOur MagSQUID Full Tensor Magnetic Gradiometer deployed on a rigid boom mounting

In collaboration with Anglo American’s business units we support the Group’s vision to be the leading global mining company, providing guidance and support to achieve sustainable production, Zero Harm and to meet strategic business growth targets. In close collaboration with their functional teams we:

  • drive the development of technologies
  • ensure sound governance by setting and maintaining Group Technical Standards
  • lead the Safe Discovery of mineral deposits
  • provide innovative techno-economic solutions and support
  • ensure the health of technical disciplines in attaining our strategic growth targets

Mining and Technology comprises the following highly specialised technical functions.

Technology Development

Technology Development is the custodian of Anglo American’s technology development strategy, aiming to advance technology across the mining value chain to achieve the vision for mining in the future, namely Zero Harm; more cost effective; automated; more carbon neutral, water and energy efficient.

A detailed technology development vision and strategy has been developed to cover all perceived technology needs over the next 20 years, across all aspects of the value chain.

Our technology development focus is complemented by two additional focus areas, namely technology intelligence (TI) and knowledge management (KM).
Technology intelligence keeps a constant focus on the external technology environment – competitors, suppliers, adjacent industries and trends – to ensure the best technology is available to the Group.

Technical Governance

Technical Governance comprises four technical disciplines, namely Group Geosciences; Group Mining; Group Engineering and Group Metallurgy. We are central to achieving Zero Harm and meeting strategic business growth targets; improving the health of the four technical disciplines under our governance. We support the delivery of operational excellence across Anglo American in a number of ways including: transferring knowledge and best practice; talent management; and the development, and compliance, of Group Technical Standards. 

The four technical disciplines provide our operations with significant technical assurance in terms of our strategic projects and asset optimisation opportunities.

Group Exploration

Group Exploration supports Anglo American’s growth and value ambitions by optimising and expanding our project portfolio. Acutely focused on “Safe Discovery”, Group Exploration discovers new mineral deposits and unlocks additional value from existing resources by applying the right skills, the right practices, and combining traditional fieldwork with innovative technologies.

Our work focuses on:

  • greenfield exploration for all our commodities
  • near-mine brownfield exploration for copper and nickel
  • in-mine and near-mine exploration support for all our business units
  • providing strategic information and analysis on exploration frontiers, including assessing country risk and prospects, applying new scientific models and methodologies, engaging communities, and securing the relevant permissions and licenses

Group Exploration leverages the insight, infrastructure and innovation of the entire Mining and Technology function, pursuing safe, sustainable exploration activities throughout our four operating regions, namely Americas, Arctic, Africa and Australasia.

Technical Solutions

Technical Solutions is a leading provider of metallurgical and process research, as well as laboratory facilities; technical consulting; and field services in support of the Group’s operations, projects, business units and corporate functions.

Our team is focused on delivering and implementing sustainable multidisciplinary techno-economic solutions across the entire mining value chain:

  • Research conducts improvement, asset optimisation and technology research and development programmes, encompassing pilot plants, mineralogical services, metallurgical services, hydrometallurgy, mineral processing, PGM refining, chemistry and analytical services.
  • Consulting provides a multidisciplinary approach to project, mining, process and engineering solutions, including sustainable development, project engineering, all engineering disciplines, materials handling, quality assurance, geosciences, special applications and general solutions.
  • Field Services offers independent technical condition monitoring, auditing and reliability services to maximise equipment and facility availability at the lowest risk and cost, by applying non-destructive testing, mechanical services, electrical services, and rope inspection methodologies.

Examples of recent Technical Solutions’ innovations include:

  • A haul truck rolling-resistance solution, energy absorbing bumper, and monitoring system
  • An Equipment Monitoring System (EMS) for pumps and shovels as well as longwalls
  • Three new Superconducting Quantum Interference Devices (SQUIDs)
  • A WiFi drilling navigation system
  • The ARNi project, an internally developed process to treat nickel laterite deposits
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