About us

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What we do

We are committed to delivering operational excellence in a safe and responsible way, adding value for investors, employees, governments and the communities in which we operate.


Our success depends upon a constant supply of world class mineral deposits. They must represent resources capable of being economically extracted, and we obtain them either through our own exploration or by the acquisition of mineral deposits found by others.

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Copper smelter in Chile

Mining, processing and smelting

At the forefront of the mining industry for over 90 years, we mine iron ore and manganese, metallurgical and thermal coal, copper, nickel, platinum and diamonds.

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Our MagSQUID Full Tensor Magnetic Gradiometer deployed on a rigid boom mounting

Mining and Technology

Mining and Technology is an in-house resource, providing multidisiciplinary, world-class technical skills as well as research and technology development capabilities.

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