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Our head office has been in London since 1999 when Luxembourg-headquartered Minorco merged with Anglo American Corporation of South Africa to form Anglo American plc. Our primary listing is on the London Stock Exchange. De Beers also has a corporate office in London along with the various companies involved in the purchasing, selling and marketing of rough diamonds, including The Diamond Trading Company.


Our roots are in South Africa where the company was first formed in 1917. As well as being listed on the London Stock Exchange, we have a secondary listing on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange. Our coal, iron ore and platinum businesses have operations in South Africa, as well as De Beers and Samancor. We also have projects or operations in Namibia, Botswana and Zimbabwe.

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Asia (including Australia)

We have a significant presence in Australia through our coal business, which is Australia’s second largest metallurgical coal producer and the third largest global exporter. We also have manganese operations in Australia through our subsidiary Samancor Manganese, which is the world’s largest producer of seaborne manganese ore.

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South America

Our involvement in South America began in the 1970s. We have operations in Chile, Brazil, Colombia, as well as two major copper projects under consideration in Peru. In Colombia we have a 33% share of the world's largest open pit coal mining operation, Cerrejón.

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North America

Our Diamond business, De Beers, has a significant presence in Canada with its first operations, Snap Lake and Victor, outside Africa, now in operation in the country. It also has a corporate and marketing office in Toronto.

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