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Focused on delivery
We are clear about our purpose: 'Together, we create sustainable value that makes a real difference', and this means we means we need to deliver our promised returns to shareholders, as well as work with our stakeholders to find mutually beneficial solutions to our shared challenges.

Our shareholders own the business and are entitled to attractive returns, reflecting the risk they take in funding the business.

Our employees are the business and must be treated with care and respect and compensated fairly for their work. Our stakeholders are partners in the business and are entitled to fair compensation for their contributions to business success.

Although we do not have all the answers, we can start the conversation about what better mining looks like from both a shareholder and a stakeholder perspective.

Investing - in world class assets in the most attractive commodities.

We own, operate and grow world-class mining assets in those commodities that we believe deliver the best returns through the economic cycle and over the long term.

We aim to focus on those commodities in which we have advantaged positions and on large scale assets with long lives, low cost profiles and with clear expansion potential that is, copper, diamonds, iron ore, metallurgical coal, nickel, platinum and thermal coal.

Organising - efficiently and effectively

Our structure aims to facilitate the delivery of performance and efficiencies to outperform the competition.

Each commodity business unit is focused on operational excellence, project delivery and driving its cost position further down its industry curve, while the lean corporate centre facilitates the extraction of value beyond what is achievable by the businesses alone.

Through close collaboration, value-driven leadership, the sharing of best practice, technical innovation, operational know-how and the pursuit of synergies in key value-driving functions such as supply chain and asset optimisation, the substantial benefits of Anglo American’s scale and performance oriented culture are realised.

In the case of our asset optimisation (AO) and supply chain value driving initiatives, we have beaten our own expectations. The target was set to capture $1 billion of value from each initiative by the end of 2011. That target was significantly exceeded, with the Group realising $3.2 billion of value in aggregate by the end of 2011.

Operating - safely, sustainably and responsibly.

Operating safely, sustainably and responsibly is embedded in everything we do. The safety of our people is a core value and we are relentless in striving to achieve our goal of zero harm.

We are committed to environmental stewardship and minimising the environmental impact of our operations.

We aim to make a sustainable and positive difference to community development and act with integrity to build respectful relationships with the societies in which we work. Behaving in this way, supported by strong governance and risk management processes, enables us to develop and maintain trust with all our stakeholders and creates value which is fundamental to our ability to deliver superior long term returns to our shareholders.

Employing - the best people.

Our people are as vital to our success as our mining assets.

We are committed to our people, who determine how effectively we operate and build our reputation with our investors, partners and fellow employees every day and who we require to uphold our values.

Ultimately, it is our people who will realise our ambition and deliver our strategy to be the leading global mining company.

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